Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Grandpa Reed

Around Anabelle's Birthday and Grants birth I was super busy and we had so many things going on. I was completely overwhelmed with everything that I have not posted some of the many adventures that we had. I wont post them all but I will post a few of my favorites. First is all the fun time the Belle had with her Grandpa Reed. She really loved spending time with him and it was so special the times that they spent together getting to know each other.

We were able to get some alone time and we went to the Zoo with Grandpa Reed. Of course, I forgot her hat and so we had to get her a new one. As it turns out she was not the only one that enjoyed her new hat.

I apologize in advance for the photo bomb!

BLogger 2

IMG_1130 B
We took a little break and Belle hung with Grandpa for a little while.

IMG_1134 B

Blogger 1


Grandpa also made her toy chest. She was able to put it together with him and it was a fun time had by everyone.

BLogger 3

IMG_3446 B

IMG_3447 B

BLogger 4

When I was super busy getting ready for Belle's birthday party I needed someone to take her off my hands and Grandpa offered. They went outside and were playing with rocks. Belle would pick them up and show them to Grandpa and give them to him. I was washing dishes when I saw this and it was a sight I didn't know that I would ever see. My Dad lives so far away and I was afraid that my daughter and my father would not be able to have a close relationship. After this trip, I no longer have that fear. They have a beautiful relationship that I am very happy to watch through the kitchen window! :)

IMG_3597 B

IMG_3595 B

Since these are old pictures, I don't have any feet pictures. BOO!

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