Monday, April 11, 2011

Family day

I have been itching to get out with my little family and just enjoy the outside with them. This weekend I convinced Greg to go with us to the park. I was looking more towards the beach, but I will take the park if that is all I can get. Greg is actually going to have a busy day tomorrow and I am considering waiting in traffic to go to the beach tomorrow night for a beautiful sunset. I am craving the beach and my little girl has never put her feet in the salty goodness that the beach brings. Anyways, back to the park. :) Greg took Anabelle on the jungle gym and she was a little frightened at first. She crawled for the first lap and then quickly realized that it was ok to run on the jungle gym.

IMG_5665 W
See the crawling on the bridge.

IMG_5680 W
She went on the slides with daddy multiple times.

IMG_5682 W

She even went on the slide a few times all by herself.

And all trips to the park include a very LONG ride on the swings. She acted as though she were a princess on a float. She was waving to everyone, smiling, and using her sign language very frequently to tell us that she wanted more. She is such a ray of sunshine.

Blogger 2

Blogger 3

IMG_5712 W
How could I resist these adorable feet together. If I was a monster that hid under beds, I would surely eat these feet.

Family day was a success! I will post the second half of our day soon!

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