Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Beach Evening

As I have mentioned, I have been craving the beach so, we went!! My mother in law didn't have plans so she joined us for a wonderful evening at the beach. We loaded Anabelle up with warm clothes and an adorable little hat and started walking. The smell of the salty air brought me back to fun Hawaiian memories with Heidi and I felt so loving and nostalgic. I was bringing my baby to a place that brought me so much joy in my younger years. It was no Hawaii but it was the Pacific Ocean and I think that counts for something. :)

Walking down to the beach, she seemed completely unaware of what I had in store for her. She played in the sand with Susan and walked around falling everywhere because, sand is hard to walk in.


Then, it happened. She saw the water and it was over. I caught her face the first time I really think she knew what she was looking at.


You can see the curiosity and excitement in her little eyes.


And she was on her way! She was going for it and nothing was going to get in her way. Not the freezing water or a pesky seaweed, nothing. As she was walking to the water she made sure to wave. She really wanted to say hello to her friend.



The waves would come in and it was fun. She was amazed with the water on her feet and then the waves would recede. She was very upset when she did not have the water at her feet anymore. WE tried to reassure her that the water would come back if she just waited but it is tough getting a 13 month old to wait.... for ANYTHING.






Our pants were wet and sandy, we were cold and were all ready to eat. I think this was a successful beach trip enjoyed by all!


Tera said...

Love it!!! What a fun day. Love the Mommy & Belle shot.

heidirose said...

Ahhhhh! HAwaii memories! I remember how much fun we had and all the memories we created. We really did have a blast together! I LOVE YOU SIS!

The Black Swan said...

Looks like Anabelle had an awesome time! I love the pic with her and her shovel. She looks so happy. ; )

Unknown said...

yea!!! :)

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