Tuesday, March 22, 2011

This past weekend

Greg and I hung out with a couple of people this past weekend in hopes that we were going to go swimming. The weather was not very great and you cant swim in the rain, but try telling that to my little water bug. She went right for the water and once she felt the water on her soft little skin, it was over! She is addicted!

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IMG_5269 W

I wish I got a picture of the clothes that Greg brought for Belle. The did not match at all. Daddy is so silly.

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My little baby and he gap ad!

IMG_5277 W
Cuddling with her Auntie Lauren.

IMG_5285 W

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The biggest cala lily that I have ever seen, this was seriously almost a foot long.

Sunday was a lazy day to make soup and catch up on some TV shows while it rained. We had a good weekend.

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