Friday, December 31, 2010

Not ready to say goodbye

Right now as I am sitting in my little girls room listening to country music and telling my little girl not to walk on the bed, I can not help but reflect on all the wonderful things that 2010 has brought me and I am not ready to say good bye. This has been the best year of my life for so many reasons and I hope that every year continues to be better than the last. This very time last year I was sitting awaiting the arrival of my little cutie and now she is walking, putting shapes in their appropriate spots in a toy, getting off the bed on her own, saying her first words and being the most adorable person that I have ever know. This time last year, I had a boyfriend and now I have a fiance who is the only person that I can imagine spending the rest of my life with. This time last year, Greg and I were staying with his parents waiting for the approval of a short sale and now we are in our very own home which we love so much.

This time next year Greg and I will be MARRIED! I know that 2011 has so many things in store for me and my family but it is sad to say goodbye to all the amazing things that 2010 has brought me. In 2011, I look forward to having a beautiful wedding with an amazing person, becoming an Aunt times 2, watching my little girl grow and blossom and hopefully getting a dishwasher in my kitchen ;) (Greg, this is for you!) Goodbye 2010 hello new year!

I also had to throw in a cute new pic! :)

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