Saturday, June 19, 2010

Failed Friday

There is a park down the street that has a farmers market and I thought that it was on Fridays so I got home from work a little early, put Anabelle in a wrap and we walked over to the park. When I got there the sign said that the farmers market was on Thursday nights.... So we went over to the park and laid down on the grass and checked out the trees for a while...
Then, I wanted to take her on the swings but there was a woman yelling to someone on her cellphone and pushing her children on the swings and even though there was a free swing, I felt weird about being there while she was yelling at someone.

Here is a pic of the new wrap that I made (well cut) for Anabelle, she seems to really enjoy it and I like it too.
Don't mind our messy bedroom.

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