Monday, November 2, 2009


This weekend Greg and I went to to a Halloween Party on Friday night. I was obviously a kitty cat and Gregory was a Doctor (look closely at his costume). ;)

Saturday morning we went and saw our new home. It is so beautiful and I can not wait until we are in there and our lives are back to our normal routine, just in time to change routines again. Not having a home and being pregnant really sucks!
Sunday we took Lily and Xena to Alexis' house for a furniture sale. The girls played around while we bought some new furniture for our house and they were soooo pooped after all the rough-housing that they fell asleep on each other in the car. It makes me happy when they are together. :)

Btw... Poppy now has a new home. She has a home with my boss, his wife and their little girl. They have had her for a week and a half now and they LOVE her. I really miss her but it is best for me not to see her for a while so that she is able to make bonds with her new family and I hope to see her within the next month or two. It is a very sad thing for me, but she is happy and we are getting ready!

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Little Farmer Family said...

Yay!! A new house!! When do you guys get to move in? I can't wait to see more pics!! I know how it is not having a house right now! At least we can both start packing!! :)

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