Friday, May 8, 2009

Biggy's Story

I got Biggy almost a year ago. He was a wild kitten that someone had trapped and was trying to find homes for them so that they would not be on the "streets". I was the first person to ever hold him and kiss him so we had a very special bond. I was not intending on getting a kitten and so I did not have a cage or anything to put him in so, on the way home he laid in the pocket of my sweatshirt. Even though he was hissing at me and clearly did not like me, there was something that drew me to him. He had such a wonderful heart and when he was a baby, would only come out to see me when I was on the bed and at night. He loved to cuddle and just lay on me whether it was my head, arm, lower back, or legs he was always touching me. As he grew up he was becoming so much more of a lover. I still always joked that he was not my cat and that he belonged to Monkey. From the moment that he saw her, he loved her. He cried as if she was his mother and after a day of hissing, Monkey accepted him as her son. She cleaned him at least three times a day, played with him and got angry with him when he was doing something wrong. After Monkey was gone, I think that he was lost and he became so much more attached to me. The past few weeks he was so sweet. I brought him to Greg's and he was so happy to be with us that he had to lay in between us the whole night purring like he was a lion. I couldn't sleep he was purring so loud.

Biggy was such a brave little man, he was never afraid of the dogs. He loved on them and played with them like he was a big dog, even the huge Xena didn't frighten him, he still loved on her and occasionally chewed on her ears. When he was still a kitten, I would let him go outside with Monkey and the dogs. I was hardly ever scared of him because I knew that he was a brave and tough little guy, even though he was so tiny.

Losing him has been truly hard. It is losing Monkey all over again and losing him at the same time. I loved them both so much and there are no words that can really express the feelings that I have, but I am slowly trying to recover.

When I was with Biggy at the emergency vet, they gave me the option to take his body home and bury him, I thought about it and decided that was something that I wanted to do. Even though having his lifeless little body would be hard, he would want to be outside and I prefer to have a peaceful resting place for him. In the early morning, I got home from the vet and went in the back of the yard and found his final spot. I said my goodbyes and let him go. Last night I went back up there and made a tribute to him and Monkey where he was buried.
I hope that these flowers help brighten my spirit and pain. I am trying so hard to stay positive and busy to keep my mind from this, hopefully when it is less painful, I can really find peace.

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