Friday, March 20, 2009

Project 365

As I have said, my world has been turned around the past week or so and my picture taking has been lacking. Here are the pictures that I did take the past 2 weeks.

3-2-09- Lil Bird and Pops share Xena's crate sometimes.
3-3-09- After the dentist appointment I took a picture of my mouth and then I decided that might be a little weird to post, so I took a picture of a candle in my house.
3-5-09- Lily Came to work with me. She always looks so pathetic in the car.

3-7-09- My wonderful boyfriend took pictures of me on the way home from getting my wisdom teeth done. My mouth was so dry!!!
3-8-09- Greg and I went to his parent to celebrate Susan's birthday/ late Hanukkah. I ended up napping for a little bit but we had a nice time. There was not much swelling at this point but man do I look drugged and pale.
3-13-09- Z Bear looked silly laying on the bed so I took a pic!

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