Monday, February 23, 2009

Project 365

2-16-07- Lately, we have been locking 2 of the dogs in the bedroom because they are good when they are in there. for some reason, Xena thinks that she is allowed to sleep where ever she wants. When I came home, she had scrunched this blanket up and make it into a Xena Nest.2-17-09- Daddy and attention hog Xena.

2-18-09- The dogs are not sleeping with me anymore and so that means party time for the kittys and me.

2-19-09- I forgot to take a picture. I suck, I know!

2-20-09- Our admin at work was out getting her wisdom teeth pulled and so Heidi came in to help, as did Poppy. 2-21-09- After the rehersal dinner for the wedding, Stacy (Greg's Sister), Greg, Jonah (Stacy's Boyfriend) hung out in the hotel for a little while. Greg is looking at a gift that Stacy got him from Egypt, Stacy is painting her nails and Jonah was just talking with his friend (not pictured).
2-22-09- Greg and I at the reception. Gregory looks so handsome!

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Unknown said...

LMAO...a Xena nest. Nice!

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