Monday, February 2, 2009

Project 365

1-26-09- This is an after picture of my new haircut/color. I like it!
1-27-09- I steam cleaned my carpet and I am so happy with it. The dogs have been locked up since then!
1-28-09- This is my favorite flower in the whole world. It is a cyclamen.
1-29-09- Lily Bird came to work with me!
1-30-09- Some cool plants that I have in my office. Along with a cool little Boob man that I got in China Town while visiting Heather and Bobby.
1-31-09- I got each of the girls a new toy on Friday and it made for fun the whole weekend. The were ripping them all up left and right. BTW..... some dog toys cost $10+ why on earth do you need to spend that much money for your dog to rip up the toy?? Crazy!
2-1-09- The girls are just so adorable and love each other so much.

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