Monday, February 16, 2009

Project 365

2-9-09- I had a cold this week and stayed home from work on Monday. Pops was with me like this all day, she looks like a cutie.... too bad she is actually crazy.
2-10-09- This picture was actually taken last weekend. My battery on my camera died and I could not take a picture that day, so our blooming rosemary will have to do.
2-11-09- This is my desk/computer at work. Where I spend most of my time....
2-12-09- The sky was so clear for a while and it was beautiful. Janeen and I were walking to get lunch and I had to stop and take a pic. I feel like a tourist taking my 365 pics sometimes, stopping in the parking lot to take a pic is a little silly.
2-13-09- The guys in the office got all the girls Hershey's Kisses. I don't like Hershey's Kisses, but I will not tell them that! :)
2-14-09- Greg and I in front of the water fall at the arboretum for Valentines Day. More to come on our trip soon!2-15-09- We took the dogs to the dog park. X and Pops love to stick their heads out of the window.

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