Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Project 365

2-2-09- The girls eating dinner. I am not a crazy dog lady.... I swear!
2-3-09- Alexis and I took the boys to get ice cream. I have some funny stories to tell about them, so I will have to tell later.
2-4-09- This is my whiskey barrel. It has white impatiens in it. I LOVE it!
2-5-09- This is a shelf in my room. I didn't know what to take a picture of so this is what I decided on.
2-6-09- When I cook with carrots I always play a fun game with the girls. I peel the carrots and they catch the carrot peelings and eat them. It is a fun game, the girls usually end up with carrots all over them and it is hilarious watching them try to eat it. :) Mean?!?..... maybe!
2-7-09- While I was making breakfast, I decided that I wanted matzo ball soup for lunch (since I am sick and it was cold). This is Greg showing his excitement for my yummy soup.
2-8-09- I made cinnamon apple pancakes for breakfast, along with the usual hashbrowns and veggie sausage. It was a very yummy breakfast.

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