Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Random assortment of stuff

Last night I steam cleaned my carpet. Lily's medication is making her have accidents. :( I cleaned it and I can not bare to let her pee or poop on it again. I felt really bad that she had to go in her crate to sleep last night, but I have no other option. I can not live my life cleaning up that stuff everyday. To make up for it I brought her to work with me today and yesterday so that she is not in the crate at night and during the day. I also feel so bad for her because she is starving all the time. Today while eating lunch, she was running back and forth between Janeen and me. The look on her face even made me sad, she has the look on her face of a staving wolf. I cant let her eat everything that she wants, right? I just hope that she is better soon!

I have learned that being a vegetarian while "out" is pretty hard. When I am at home it is very easy to make myself food that is veg and also yummy. But, the vegetarian options at restaurants are not always the most appetizing or they don't seem like a complete meal. I am not going to let this discourage me from sticking to my goals though, I guess that I am just going to have to eat at home more often. Another thing that kinda sucks is that I need to watch my lettuce intake. I love it and eating veg sometimes means that I need to just have a salad but, when I eat only salad it really upsets my stomach. Going through the process of figuring out all this stuff is hard but I will be happy about it when I figure it all out. Watching what I eat has made me learn so much about my body, even in the 3 weeks that I have been doing it. I have learned what it can and can not tolerate and how certain foods make me feel.

BTW, who outs bacon a veggie burger?!?! I mean really. There was bacon on my veggie burger, where is the logic with that one?

On Sunday night there was this weird storm that moved through Pasadena. The dogs started barking and I heard this really loud thunder. Soon after that I heard hail falling on my roof. I was half asleep and I didn't know what was going on, once I figured it out I went outside to confirm my thoughts. I also made sure to bring my camera. This is what I saw.... and I also felt those mean hail balls on my sleepy head.
To be completely honest... I liked it. I love the cold and the rain, snow, hail, really anything that is associated with the winter.


Heather said...

WOW, that is major hail! And seriously, who puts bacon on a veggie burger?!

Holly Hough said...

Yeah, there was still tons of hail on the ground in the morning. Lily was happy because I gave her the bacon!

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