Monday, January 26, 2009

Project 365

1-19-09- Since I took a picture of my shirts and jackets, I thought it was only fitting to take a picture of my jeans. And... this picture could be taken from my bed.... I was too lazy to actually get up.

1-20-09- I babysat a little girl and we watched "The Land Before Time". It is one of my favorite movies from my childhood.
1-21-09- I guess I spent a lot of time in bed with week, or just being lazy... But that is Pops and Big hanging out together.
1-22-09- My little cuties hanging out on the bed while I was getting ready for work.
1-23-09- Dog crates have been a big part of my life lately. Lily is having uncontrolled bowel movements and she has been in a crate every day. Lily gets really mad when she is in there and Poppy seems to like it. She even gives me a kissy on my fingers after she goes in every morning.
1-24-09- I got my hair done and I thought it looked silly so I had Jenny take a pic!
1-25-09- I hung out with Alexis and the boys and Sagey was a cuddle bunny. I tried to get a picture of Ledge, but every time I brought the camera out he just wanted to eat it and was lunging for it. He even knew the sound that the camera made when it was turned on and was on a mission to find it.


Heather said...

Those kids are so frickin' cute. And so are your babies. I miss bird...!

Holly Hough said...

You will have to come down and see all of the cuties! :)

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