Monday, January 19, 2009

Project 365

1-16-08- Little Ledger had a procedure that took a little longer than expected on Friday and Alexis was running late to somewhere that she had to be so she dropped him off with me for a couple of hours. He is such a cutie. And... you have to LOVE Alexis' make-up.

1-17-08- I hung out at Greg's all day I cleaned, cooked and did laundry. I forgot to take a picture that day. This picture was taken earlier in the week of my closet. I find it fitting since I was doing laundry that day. :)

1-18-08- Lizzy is in town from Alabama and I spent the day at Alexis' with them. It was the first day that Sage was really interested in me. He played fun games with me, was begging for me to hold him, and let me put things in his hair.

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