Tuesday, December 23, 2008

This weekend I helped Greg move and Sunday was the first night of Hanukkah and we made latkes with candied yams, asparagus and roasted chicken. Last night we had more latkes and matzo ball soup. Tonight we may go out to eat because Lily has a vet appointment at 6:45pm. So, I will prob not have that much time to cook.

Yesterday I took the day off of work because I was feeling very drained and just needed some "me" time. It was nice. I laid in bed most of the day and took a nap. It was a nice break from everything that has been going on lately. Here is a pic of the animals surrounding me while I was eating lunch (btw, I know that it is weird that I was eating on the floor, I am not a cave man, I was just really cold and the heater was on the floor)!
Can you tell that Lily is feeling much better?? :) Back to her old begging self. Biggy was on the far right side of the pic and started licking my leg and the dogs thought he got food so they were staring at him, while Monkeys eyes were fixed on the food. Haha. They are so cute! They all made my day yesterday.

Wish Lily Bird luck at her appointment today! :)

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