Tuesday, December 2, 2008

On the Friday after Thanksgiving, I took my little Monkey Butt to the vet because she wasnt feeling well. After the X-rays were taken, I learned that my little stinker has bladder stones. And quite a few of them. She is getting the surgery to remove them on Dec. 8th. I am pretty nervous for her, they have to cut open her little tummy and bladder and remove the stones. I am sure that she will be fine, but it is still scary! This is a pic of her and Pops hanging out on my bed in my new place.

Thanksgiving was great. Thursday we had dinner with Gregs family including his aunt, grandma, and cousins. And Friday we went to Jackies and had another dinner there with their daughter and Ron and Susan. It was a very nice holiday and we had plenty of yummy food.

There is something that I am noticing about Pasadena.... and that is that people LOVE Orange Bang just like me! :) In the SF Valley there is not one place that I know of that has Orange Bang. But I have seen it in one place already out in Pasadena. I am VERY excited about that!

I have also been super bad about getting Illinois pics up here so I am just going to post my favorite pictures....
This was during the extremely large bonfire.This is just my favorite picture. Greg and mommy are sooo silly!

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