Monday, November 3, 2008

This was a great weekend full of family, friends, yummy food and art. Friday night we ditched the haunted house to work out, hand out candy to kids and watch scary movies. We did not get very many kids trick or treating but it was cool to get the few that came to the door. We watched "The Thing" and "Halloween" the first one was pretty stupid and I fell asleep in the middle of it. I woke up and watched "Halloween" and it was fairly good.

Saturday morning we we rudely awakened by a chainsaw.... grrrr. We made breakfast and then I went to the mall with heather to get her a dress for her reunion. Then, Heather, Bob, Greg and I went to lunch and then they headed out. One of Greg's friends Adam came over and hung with Greg and when he left Alexis and the babies came over and had dinner with us. Then Greg and I headed over to an Art show that Evan had some art in, it was a silent auction and Greg won a piece that he is giving to his parents. Then we went to Dave and Busters and hung out with one of Gregs friends for one of the bdays. It was a super long day!

On Saturday I finally decided to cook a whole chicken. It was soo yummy and juicy. I also made stuffing, it was from a box and I think that it was a little salty. Next time I will have to make it myself and hopefully that will cut down the salt.

Sunday we went to another art show with Ron and Susan and then went to dinner. It was a great weekend with great people! I wish all of my time could be filled hanging out with the people that I love! Also on SUnday Morning I made Gregs favorite breakfast..... French toast sanwiches with Bananas and Nutella. We have had this at a buffet in vegas and Greg has been bugging me to make it, so I finally gave in. It was great and I will definetly be making it again!!

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Unknown said...

MMMMMMMMMMMM chocolate banana french toast.....*drooooooools*

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