Monday, November 24, 2008


Blogging for me is a reflection on my life. It forces me to sit down and think about things. And this past week I have not had any time for blogging because of my move. Last week, I moving stuff in my car and painted. Saturday Greg came over and helped me paint more. The colors look great and I am very excited. Sunday Greg and Evan helped me move my big things over to the house.

Last night was my first night sleeping at my new place. It was a little chilly, the dogs were a little on edge because they were in a new place and would bark at ANY noise that they heard. And, when one starts barking, they both bark for ever. Even when I get angry at them and tell them to stop, they still growl... Fun in the middle of the night!

This morning I woke up early and snoozed the alarm. So I was kinda rushing for time. I opened the door so that after the dogs ate they could go outside, potty and then come back in. Usually I will do this every morning and the cats will go outside and then come back in when I close the door. I forgot that my cats do not know the area and that I should not let them out. At this point, I was in the shower and the door was open. I hurried up and went to close the door. Of course, biggy ran outside and I could not find him. I left food out for him and hopefully he will realize that my new place is his home. Hopefully he was just hiding and when he sees me later today he will want to come inside. He is such a little stinker!

Keep your fingers crossed that Big comes home!

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Unknown said...

Note to self: Leaves door open when taking a shower.

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