Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Biggy came home last night. I drove in the driveway, and there he was.... waiting for me. He didn't come inside for a little while but he was hanging around outside, and I would much rather see him and have him be outside then not see him and have him outside.

I also was able to get sooooo much done at my new place yesterday. I brought over dishes, cooking stuff and clothes. I am starting to feel at home and that is a very cool thing. The girls were still barking machines last night, but I am ok with it cause I know that they are just looking out for us all! :) I took pictures so that I can put them up on here but I forgot my camera at home... so I cant download them! Oh well, I still have to upload photos from Illinois!

Back to work... even though it is slow because of the holidays!

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