Monday, October 13, 2008

Today has been a very interesting and very fun day! This morning as I was driving home from Gregs house, I learned that there was a fire off the 118 freeway. The way that I normally get home is the 210 west to the 118. And at that interchange both of those freeways were closed. A police officer was driving on the freeway directing people to make a u-turn, go the wrong way on the freeway and get off at the ramp that we had just passed. I had NO idea how to get home from where I was, so I decided to drive back to Gregs house. Once I got there I looked at the only other way to get to my house and it was packed. So.... for most of the day, I decided to play hookie and hang out with Gregory. What is it about ditching something that makes everything else so much fun?? We hung out around the house, ran some errands, had a yummy lunch and laughed a ton! I was dreading going back to work but, I did. ....eventually. I finally made it there around 2pm. On the drive back to the office, i heard about another fire that started in Porter Ranch. That one was pretty close to my house. Not close enough that I would be in danger, just scary. Here is a view of the smoke right outside of the office, I could even see flames!

Aside from that, my weekend was pretty relaxing. I spent all weekend hanging out with girlfriends and sleeping. It was nice but I am excited to hang with Greg and do that with Gregory this weekend. We are getting our pumpkins this weekend!!

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