Wednesday, October 29, 2008


This weekend Greg I went to the arboretum. We had such a blast. As we were walking up to the gates I was telling Greg that there were peacocks that roam around the park, and he says, "is that real" I had no idea what he was talking about but it was a big blue peacock. It was pretty cool, everywhere we went, we saw those little turds. Most would run from us but there were a couple that seemed interested.

There was this little trail that was off the main road and it had a little stream and a turtle pond. We stooped at the turtle pond to check them out and once they figured out we were there, a million little turtles came swimming over. We are guessing that they are used to people feeding them and so they were telling us that they were ready to eat. There were also these huge fish that were swimming around is. It was great that they were so interactive with us.

We walked over to the next little pond (much smaller) and while we were walking next to the stream, I was looking for crawdads and I told Greg that I really wanted to find one. Then he showed me a picture of a lobster that he saw while he was in Big Bear with his dad. We walk over to the pond and we start to look inside and we see a little lobster. While we are looking at him, another one sneaks up on us and I swear is trying to eat Greg. It was so awesome, there were about 10 little lobsters. They even started fighting with each other while we were there.

After the fun with the animals we walked through an amazing rose garden and then through the citrus grove. We picked some oranges and ate them. There were little oranges called chinotto oranges and they were so nasty. The first bite tasted sweet and yummy and then the after taste of poison hit us. To pick the bigger oranges I had to get on Greg's shoulders and pick one. After I got my orange, Greg was putting me down and a branch got stuck and scratched my neck so bad. It was not pleasant... but the orange was worth it!

It was getting late and Greg had a couple of things that he had to do so we rushed around the waterfall and the water gardens. We really hope to go again sometime soon, maybe even this weekend!

On Saturday, I also made pumpkin pie. This was my first time making the crust from scratch and I will have to say that it wasn't that bad. The bottom was a little thick because I didn't have a roller, but other than that it was very yummy! I will be making some for our Thanksgiving dinner with Greg's family.

Also, Greg and I are going to Illinois Nov. 14th. We are very excited, we are going to have a Thanksgiving dinner while we are there. It will be nice to see my Mom and Steve! And we will also get to see Greg's friend Brian and we are going out with him in the city on Friday night! It will be fun!

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