Monday, September 22, 2008

Stuff... and babies!!!! :)

Today is a typical Monday, meaning I am tired and would rather be vegging at home. :) But unlike some Mondays, today I am productive. I didn't even eat lunch till 2:30pm, cause I had so much going on.

This weekend was very relaxing. I was going to visit Heather this weekend but, plans got changed. It is a bummer cause I miss her a lot! It is weird being so close to someone yet you are physically so far apart. It makes me sad sometimes. Then I wonder... if we did live closer would we really see each other all the time? Who knows.

I babysat Shane and Alexis' babies this weekend. They were so adorable and it was nice having those little munchkins at my house. Little sage (1 yr old) was not feeling very well and had a fever. So, the only way that he would sleep was on my chest. It was so adorable. Being a baby sitter is the best cause you have them in such a short time frame that there is no time to get frustrated by the typical baby stuff. It was a nice night with those 2 boys....

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