Monday, September 29, 2008

I have a new boyfriend....

... jk. But I have fallen in love with Alexis' babies. I hung out with all of them this weekend, I was in the area after I went on a hike with my friend Jenny and I decided to stop by and say hello. They were so adorable. I got to play airplane with Sagey while he was eating lunch and then he took a nap and Alexis and I went on a walk with Poppy and Ledger. I had Ledger in the bjorn and i looked down and his eyes were so big and staring right at me. I think that I melted!!! So I asked him why he was staring at me and he starting smiling and giggling. So CUTE!!

After that, I spent the rest of the weekend waiting for Greg to finsh his car. He was at the shop saturday night getting his car tuned and then on Sunday his friend Hamilton came over to his place and they changed their fluids and it took them over 6 hours. Yikes.... I was not a happy camper! But then Greg took me to dinner at PF Changs and we went and saw Eagle Eye. So he made up for my boredness. :)

This week should be pretty relaxing because my boss it out of the office for most of the week. And I will not be here on Friday... Vegas here I come!!! And I will get to hang out with Heather on Thursday night! I am excited for the week!

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