Monday, August 4, 2008


This weekend turned out to be super eventful and fun! Greg and I had a relaxing friday night and woke up fairly early on Saturday to go to the beach. Greg kicked butt again on his surfboard and I was watching the whole time, it was great. Later we went to visit his dad and went to the movies. I am not a big Will Ferrell fan and they wanted to see Step Brothers so, I went along with it. It was so lame. There were some parts that were funny, but for the most part, I thought that it was really silly. Later in the day, we went to Brads (Greg's friend) Bday party. It was so much fun but, somehow I got appointed to get him a girl for his bday. Overall it was a great day with great people and fun times.

I cannot say the same thing about Mondays at the office after a great weekend. :(

Occasionally, I will let my rabbit out of her cage and she will run around in the backyard for a few hours and then I catch her and put her back in the cage. Well, I guess that she is learning how to trick me so that I cannot catch her. So for 2 days, I was trying to get her in and then I decided that I don't care. I let her stay out there all weekend. I am going to try and catch her today and when I do, she is in big trouble. I am going to "ground" her for a long time... or until I think she forgets how to outsmart me! ;) Anyways, I hope that anyone that is reading this has a good week!!

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