Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Spicy stuff

Last night I went over to Shane and Alexis' house and we were gonna make dinner. So I asked if we could make something cheesy cause Greg does not eat cheese. I found a recipe that was chicken with a spicy alfredo sauce. I had to chop up a habanero pepper and put it in the sauce. Greg and I have used habaneros before but I think that he cut it. Well, I chopped it super fine and then threw it in the pot (with my hands). After dinner, my fingers were burning! I seriously thought that they were going to swell up like a pumpkin! The pain of the peppers finally started to wear off around 12am... a whole 4 hours later! I am guessing it was the oil that was stuck on my fingers. I put aloe on my hands, washed them a ton, and even put an icepack on my hands. Needless to say, I will never do that again.

Aside from the pepper disaster, dinner was super yummy and really hot!! Here is the recipe. I didnt follow it exactly, but pretty close.

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