Friday, August 8, 2008

Fish...and my office

I now have 2 saltwater tanks. One at work and the other (larger) one is at home. Recently in the office I have seen this little nasty things growing on the rocks. I asked around and found out that they are little worms. EWWWW.... I have a saltwater tank for a year and I have seen some silly things, but I have never had worms. It kinda gives me the willys. The way to get rid of them is just to get this fish that eats them all. So, that is what I did today!! He is pretty cute. My feelings to my fish have been a distant lately cause I dont have to do much with them anymore. I just have to add/change water once or twice a month and they are set... well that and feeding. With dogs and cats you always have something going on with them so it is hard to lose interest. But with fish, what kind of things can change? They just swim, eat, and poop! Above is my office tank, this is the view from my desk! It is so great to have that to look at when I need a little break. I actually started off with a small 2 gallon tank and have gone through 2 others before I decided to go big. What is funny is that it has caught on with everyone in the office. Four other people in the office have asked for their own. So Janeen has a 10 gallon, one of the sales guys has an 8 gallon and my boss has a little gallon vase with a beta. I still have one more that I am working on. My next project is getting my office painted... maybe i will get that ball rolling in the next week or so!

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