Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Starting a blog

I decided that I wanted to keep a daily (or weekly) blog to keep track of my thoughts and share what is going on with my life. So, here goes!!

Greg and I had a couple of people over on the 4th and BBQed. Around sunset, Greg, Evan and I took a little hike to watch the fireworks. It was nice, the fireworks took a while to start, but once the fireworks at the Rose bowl started I realized that it was well worth the wait. I love the ones that are all white, the remind me of a wedding or something! There were some people that made their way up the hill a little after we arrived and they stumbled upon a baby rattlesnake. It was crazy, it was such a little guy! :) Greg got eaten alive by some bugs, but for the most part we had a great time!

We went on another little hike on Sunday in the Angeles National Forest. This time we brought the dogs, they had a great time. Poppy is getting really bad with barking at people that we see on the trails, so I have to work on that with her more! Or I should say work with her at all... I guess since lily is an angel, I forget that poppy is not and that I need to work on here more than I did lilybird.

The end of the weekend is such a sad time for me. I love just "being" on the weekends. I love the cleaning and just being with Greg! But we all have to work right? I cant wait till I retire... lol I still have about 40 years to go!

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