Monday, July 14, 2008

The beach

This weekend, Greg and I met up with Greg's friend Adam and we all went to the beach. After some nice cuts on Greg's hands and feet, he was able to stand up on his board. I think that I saw the end of it but I missed him standing, I felt like a mother that missed her kids first word, but I was more excited for him! I had a nice relaxing time on the beach while Greg and Adam were surfing though, I took a little nap (and got a little burnt on my tummy) walked around and just enjoyed the weather! It was such a nice day so it was great to just relax! I forgot to put sunblock on my feet and my feet got really burnt... I was really bummed about it, but I learned my lesson. The rest of the weekend was really laid back and we just had a good time enjoying eachothers company.

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