Thursday, September 25, 2014

Mamas girls

It is sad how little pictures I have with the girls.... and don't even get me started on a family photo. My friend was over and I took the opportunity to get a few photos with the girls.

p.s. you wont see many photos of Belle because she wants nothing to do with the camera. I had to bribe her to take this one, I told her I would tell her where the snake was that I saw earlier. :)


Redhead, Bedhead

Bed head is not easy when you don't have much hair... but she managed to get bedhead today. It was the cutest bedhead I have seen in a while.

Nap time

Most days Em is a great napper, but when she wakes up she is not a happy camper till the moment she sees me... It melts my heart every time.

Saturday, June 14, 2014


It is now official.... as of Friday we will be homeowners of our newest house! We are so excited and look forward to many new memories and adventures!! :)



I totally don't care that Belles hair is a mess or any of the other silly things about this pic... I LOVE it! Greg and I got so lucky in the kid department!


My Beautiful Belle

Yesterday was 5 months to the day that little Emily joined our family and I wanted to take some photos of her (more on that later). Lately, Anabelle has shown some interest in taking photos with me, but it has to be her ideas and I can take it or leave it. While I was taking photos of Em, she was getting ready and I had no idea what I was in for. She wanted to take her pictures in the closet next to all of her princess dresses. :) I was a little hesitant and almost tried talking her out of it, but I agreed. She switched headbands multiple times and posed herself. I am so happy I let her dictate this shoot as these are some of my favorite photos of her recently! What a sweet soul my little Anabelle is, I just love her!! 


Thursday, May 15, 2014

Park time!

We had a fun evening at the park, Belle ran around and Em and I hung out on a blanket. I walked away (6 feet) and came back to a sleeping Emily.. such a sweet and easy little bug!

More Cousin Time..

Seriously, cousins are the best! 

Anabelle and Mari had the best time together. When I think about their trip up here I remember the sweaty hair (from running around), the loud contagious laughter, and non-stop chatting. 

We hung out at home...

Went to parks, museums, ice cream..

This day the girls had so much fun while we were waiting in line for ice cream. They were "reading" the newspaper.

They also had the BEST time at the park.
I cant wait to see them again and watch all these girls grow up together. Their relationships are so special!!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Emily 3 Month Pics

 So, Em will officially be 4 months tomorrow and I thought it would be best to post these before then! :)

Thursday, May 8, 2014

At the people car wash!

There are many things different about Portland but, a few of those things are that it rains, with said rain comes mud and yuck all over your car, and because of said yuck and mud there are a lot of car washes. These car washes are all self service since it rains often it doesn't make sense to have people washing and drying for you. Anyways, all that to say that we go through the car wash often. Belle doesn't seem to realize that there is actually a purpose for this. She thinks that we go there purely for her entertainment. :) Every time we go she sings, "at the car wash, talking 'bout the car wash, yeah". It is awesome! Yesterday we got a car wash, singing occured, and then when she was taking a shower she sang, "At the people car wash....etc". It was so funny!

And this is where Em hangs out during shower times, she gets her bath when big sis is at school!

And finally, clean, dry, and shiny hair after the shower!
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